QCDA is closing as part of the Government's education reforms. We're updating our website to reflect our reducing remit until the site closes in autumn 2011. You can find removed content in the National Archives web archive.

About project qualifications

QCDA is no longer responsible for the development and accreditation of Project qualifications.

If you would like information or have a query about criteria or regulations please contact Ofqual.

All material about project qualifications that used to appear on this website has been transferred to the National Archives web archive at:

February 2011 archive of the Project section of the QCDA site at the National Archives.

For an archive of QCDA's published resources: QCDA resource list.

If you can't find the information you're looking for in the National Archives, please email info@qcda.gov.uk.

More information on website rationalisation can be found at www.education.gov.uk/help/websiterationalisation, but if you need to contact the Department for Education you can do so via www.education.gov.uk/help/contactus.

Last modified: 22 Jun 2011