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Delivery of 2011 key stage 2 test materials

05 April 2011


Due to the timing of Easter and the bank holidays this year, delivery of key stage 2 test materials will be phased.

QCDA has contacted key stage 2 schools to confirm their Easter holiday dates to ensure availability for receiving test materials. Schools will receive 2011 key stage 2 national curriculum test materials between Monday 11 April and Thursday 5 May 2011.

Modified test materials delivered in the same consignment as the standard test materials.

Once you have received your test materials, you should check these immediately against the Delivery note. If you have not received your test materials by Friday 6 May 2011 or if your order is incorrect, please contact the QCDA distribution helpline on 0300 303 3013 or + 44 161 234 9226 for Service Children's Education (SCE) schools.

If you have amended your pupil registration data or increased your test order after 11 March, the additional packs will be delivered in a separate consignment in the week commencing 3 May.

Last modified: 05 Apr 2011