Activity checklist

These suggested activities can help you to focus and prioritise your teaching of reading within GCSE English.

  • Review and assess knowledge examination specifications and Framework objectives for Years 10 and 11.
  • Clarify which specifications and objectives elements signify progression between levels of attainment, then share these with pupils.
  • Set out a balanced, curriculum plan that addresses objectives, range and content, the wider needs of the pupils, and engaging contexts for education.
  • Consider the curriculum plan (and its balance) at Key Stage 3, in preparation for GCSE.
  • Build progression into each unit of work using the Framework objectives.
  • Evaluate approaches to teaching reading skills in the context of GCSE.
  • Adjust or develop approaches to teaching where necessary.
  • Draw up a range of key vocabulary and language about reading to share with pupils.
  • Develop approaches in short-term and medium-term plans that help pupils to express preferences, develop interpretations and make informed, independent judgements.
  • Build a range and repertoire of questions into teaching units that allow pupils to draw their own conclusions.