Explaining friction

Assessment focuses

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The teacher introduced the topic of forces and friction and gave the pupils a couple of minutes to share ideas with a partner. Each couple then fed back to the whole class. Christopher was asked to repeat his explanations to camera.

The evidence

See the video clip below of Christopher talking about friction.

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pri_app_sci_chris_frict.mov (7.4 MB) pri_app_sci_chris_frict.wmv (6.4 MB)

Teacher's notes

Christopher went into great detail about his understanding of friction. He explained that friction was a force that happened when two surfaces rubbed together. He gave the example of a stone skimming across a pond, and the more times it touched the surface of the water, the more it slowed down. He then went on to talk about air resistance and explained to the group that when a parachutist jumps out of a plane the gravity pulls him down to Earth, but the air pushes up against the parachute and slows it down.

Next steps

Consideration of how scientists and designers have worked together to make useable, safe parachutes.

Assessment commentary

Christopher is able to explain his understanding of friction using scientific ideas and modelling. He relates these ideas to scenarios in the world around him such as skimming stones and using a parachute. He expresses himself clearly using appropriate scientific vocabulary to communicate his knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Download formats:
pri_app_sci_chris_frict.mov (7.4 MB) pri_app_sci_chris_frict.wmv (6.4 MB)