Bird data

Assessment focuses

AF3, AF4


The pupils were told that they needed to find out about the numbers of different types of bird that visited their outdoor classroom. The teacher gave them the names and pictures to identify six birds and the pupils discussed different ways to record which birds visited, and how many.

A pre-prepared tally chart was then provided and they were asked to think about how to record observation of a bird that was not included on the list. They then completed observations in the outdoor classroom, completing their tally charts and displaying the data on a bar chart.

Do these birds visit your outdoor classroom?

Handout with labelled illustrations of a robin, blackbird, bluetit, sparrow, thrush and starling

The evidence

Child's hand-drawn and hand-written work

In a pictoral tally table for bird types the child has marked nothing for robin, thrush, bluetit and starlinh. They have marked three for sparrow, two for blackbird, and five for a 'other' (a category that they have added to the table). Below this, they have written ' We saw guls and some rouks in the sky'. Below this, they have drawn a coloured bar graph to show the birds they spotted.

Next steps

  • Further practice at presenting data in bar charts to include clear labelling of axes.
  • Identifying the importance of gathering sufficient evidence in investigative work, with consideration of repeating the survey over a period of time.

Assessment commentary

The simple table matches the bar chart, and identification and recording of birds in addition to those originally listed is made.