Core Plus: Overview

Effective leadership at school and departmental level will promote sustainable improvement. You can use these resources to support senior and subject leaders working together to improve pupils’ rates of progress, to increase pupil engagement and to sustain these improvements.

Working together

Core Plus is based on a collaborative approach to leadership and improvement.

  • Subject and senior leaders work together to identify areas for improvement, leading and managing systematic improvements, both in the shorter term and over time in their departments.
  • All teachers in a department work together on creative approaches to improving teaching and learning in order to raise standards and narrow gaps in attainment.
  • Schools collaborate, working in partnership, and/or with additional consultancy.

You can tailor the approach to meet the specific context of your school, your departments and the priorities identified in your school improvement plan.

Subject-focused resources

For each subject, Core Plus resources include:

  • quality standards that help to identify areas of improvement and judge progress
  • a possible approach with six-week improvement plans which you can adapt to suit your context
  • a suggested review process which you can adapt to the needs of your school.

Use these tried and tested approaches to help you lead and manage sustainable improvements that impact on pupil progress and outcomes.

  • Selecting subject priorities

    Senior and subject leaders can learn how to identify priorities that can determine which of the Core Plus subject elements to focus on find an overview of each element.

  • Using the quality standards

    Senior and subject leaders can find out how and why they might want to use the quality standards when preparing for and completing a self-evaluation. They can also find out about the review process and next steps.

  • Developing an approach

    Senior and subject leaders can find the short-term and long-term benefits of developing an effective approach to improvement.

  • Six-week improvement plans

    Senior and subject leaders can find out about the aims and benefits of the six-week improvement plan and how to evaluate their own plan.

  • Reviewing progress

    Senior and subject leaders can judge how far and in what ways they have achieved particular outcomes towards the end of the six-week improvement period.

  • English Core Plus

    Senior and subject leaders can find out how Core Plus: Leading improvement in English supports sustainable improvement, how to use the materials and what long-term benefits are expected.