Leading partners in mathematics: Pilot project – Bradford College

  • Date: September 2010
  • Programme: Initial teacher training (ITT)
  • Topic/theme: Leading partners in mathematics
  • Number in series: 8
  • School name: Bradford College

Summary of the project

The overarching aim of this project was to develop trainees' mathematical knowledge, understanding and pedagogy to enable them to:

  • support the development of primary school children's use and application of mathematics
  • develop mathematical language and talk, including questioning and discussion (reasoning and proof).

Aims: Using and applying mathematics

To develop the trainees':

  • mathematical subject knowledge
  • ability to make connections between different aspects of mathematics
  • ability to make connections between mathematics and the real world.

Impact on learning: trainee teachers

More specifically this project will allow trainees to develop their teaching to:

  • use more open, rather than closed, questions when interacting with children
  • provide children with more opportunities to explain their reasoning
  • provide more opportunities for children to engage in discussion about mathematics.

Impact on learning: teachers and mentors

On completion of the project, class teachers/school mentors will be better equipped to support trainees with the promotion of:

  • mathematical activities that allow the children to use and apply mathematics in a variety of situations
  • talk in mathematics, including questioning and discussion.

The difference it made

The trainees involved gained a much deeper understanding of the importance of children developing both a love of mathematics and the ability to apply mathematical skills to a variety of problem-solving situations, giving reasons for their choices and an explanation of their findings.

Area of mathematics featured

The Primary Mathematics Team considers the development of the trainees' use and application of mathematics, and their ability to encourage high quality mathematical talk in the primary school classroom, as crucial to the development of primary school mathematics. The team focused the project on developing generalist primary mathematics teachers.