Ma4 Handling data

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Venn diagram

Drawing of a venn diagram depicting a student's understanding of good and bad foods

Teacher's notes

  • Handles data in the context of a science topic.
  • Sorts foods using the criteria 'Good for teeth' and 'Bad for teeth'.
  • Puts foods with some ingredients that are good for teeth and other ingredients that are bad in the intersection.
  • Checks that other children in the group sort foods correctly.
  • Helps create a group record.
  • Independently decides to label the intersection 'Not sure'.


Illustration of a table containing data and a bar graph representing the data in the table

Teacher's notes

  • Takes red, blue, yellow or green cubes from a bag.
  • Records the colours taken accurately as tallies and completes the frequency table.
  • Creates a block graph of the data using given axes, with a vertical scale labelled in ones.
  • Independently labels axes and gives graph a title.
  • Explains which colour was drawn most often and how many counters were drawn altogether.
  • Answers questions such as 'How many more green cubes than yellow cubes did you get?'

Next steps

  • Draw own axes when creating a block graph.
  • Work with larger numbers and/or a grid size that requires the use of scale, for example using one block to represent 2 or 5.

What the teacher knows about Daniel's attainment in Ma4

Daniel keeps an accurate tally and uses his knowledge of counting in fives to read a tally chart where larger numbers are represented. He uses Venn and Carroll diagrams to sort items using two criteria such as 'even' and 'in ×5 table' or 'has 4 sides' and 'has a right angle'. Daniel records results in a block graph where one block represents one item or event. When colouring blocks to create bars or columns, he is beginning to use the labelled axis and height of bars to read their value, rather than counting blocks.

He is beginning to interpret graphs where one symbol represents two items or where the axis is labelled in twos. He answers questions that involve comparing two categories or the whole data set. From the class graph about shoe fastenings he answers questions such as 'How many more children wear laces than buckles?' and 'How many children took part in the survey?' He poses similar questions about his own graphs for other children to answer.

Summarising Daniel's attainment in Ma4

Daniel's attainment in Ma4, Handling data, is best described as low level 3. He sorts items using more than one criterion. He interprets information in tables and block graphs. He constructs block graphs where the block represents one item, although he interprets graphs where the symbol represents more than one. To make further progress in Ma4 level 3, Daniel needs to learn to construct his own bar charts and pictograms with symbols that represent a group of units and to work more independently in deciding how to record the information he gathers.