Ma4 Handling data

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Customers visiting the local supermarket

Illustration of a bar graph showing how many customers went to a supermarket every five minutes for two hours

Teacher's notes

  • Organises data on a tally chart.
  • Identifies the mode.
  • Draws a bar chart.

Next steps

  • Use a scale with regular intervals for the y -axis.
  • Label lines not spaces on the y -axis.


Illustration of a spinner to find out matching answer to a question on chances

Teacher's notes

  • Recognises odd and even numbers.
  • Explains his reasoning:
    • certain: 'all the numbers are less than 8'
    • impossible: 'there's no 4'
    • even chance: 'two out of the four numbers are odd'.

Next steps

Begin to recognise situations which are likely or unlikely.

What the teacher knows about Darren's attainment in Ma4

Using a tally chart, Darren records data accurately. He represents the data on a bar chart, but requires assistance with choice of scale and setting it out on the axes. He extracts information from simple tables, bar charts and pictograms, provided it is a one-step interpretation. Darren is able to identify the mode of a set of data.