Improving writing in KS3

The effective teaching of writing involves overcoming core challenges and addressing key skills. You can use these materials to find out what these challenges and skills are, and follow a route to improvement to help pupils improve their writing skills at Key Stage 3.

Find out the benefits and how to implement each stage of the improvement process. This starts at evaluating the current situation, then covers analysing the information you have gathered on pupils, creating a writing improvement plan for your department and coming up with an effective plan for improving writing.

As heads of department, subject leaders and English teachers, you can use the advice and suggested approaches in these resources to suit your own planning and teaching. This includes creating and evaluating effective short- and medium- and long-term plans to suit your pupils' needs.

The resources offer a staged process through which departments and teachers can evaluate current practice and pupil attainment and put in place actions to improve pupils’ writing.

How does this link with other writing resources on the site?

The advice here provides a specific step-by-step route for improving writing, which teachers and subject leaders can follow. It draws on, and links with, a range of other key resources, such as the focused materials on topics such as improving writing with ICT, writing for special education needs (SEN) pupils and improving writing through planning and marking. Teaching for progression: Writing offers practical classroom approaches, which allow you to plan targeted work across Years 7 to 11 in writing, so that you can trace development.