Creating time for Lesson Study and building it into school systems

Read suggestions and examples of how some schools have created time for Lesson Study and how they make sure there are regular opportunities for teachers to learn and develop their practice.

Professional learning

Some headteachers have created dedicated professional learning time for Lesson Study groups to plan and analyse their lessons. This is time that is normally allocated to professional development and management.

Opportunities for planning and post-lesson discussion

You can create opportunities for planning or post-lesson discussion that do not always demand supply cover. These can include:

  • judicious use of planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time
  • specialist teaching time
  • staggered timetables or break times
  • any other means which allow some teachers to be free to talk together.

Staff professional learning policy 

Some headteachers have built Lesson Study into their school teaching and learning policy, by creating a staff professional learning policy. This entitles teachers and others the opportunity for professional learning and continued professional development which include models such as Lesson Study and coaching, which are now recognised as having most impact on classroom practice.

Performance management 

You can link Lesson Study with performance management by treating participation in Lesson Study and sharing of the outcomes with colleagues as a component of performance management. Staff involved have felt that Lesson Study has helped them to improve in areas where they have felt less confident, rather than ‘playing safe’ in areas of relative teaching strength. It is, however, important to keep Lesson Study separate from performance monitoring.

Public study lesson

Some Lesson Study groups demonstrate the techniques they develop to other teachers in a public study lesson. During this type of lesson, children stay behind after school and the lesson is taught in front of an audience, which includes teachers and headteachers from neighbouring schools.