Persuasive writing: advertisement for Jacob's coat

This piece of persuasive writing was produced as part of work in RE and DT on Joseph and his coat of many colours. Julia worked independently to produce an advertisement for Jacob’s coat following a brief input from the teacher.

Pupil's handwritten persuasive writing, titled 'Jacobs Advert'
The text reads 'Get the best coat ever and make everyone jealous! Jacob's coat will kep you nice and cool on hot sunny days. Jacob's coats are made of smooth, soft silk. They have all the colours of the rainbow = they are to die for!'

Assessment commentary

  • Sentences are simply structured but include imperatives and descriptive statements (AF5 L3 b1).
  • Sentences are accurately demarcated with full stops, capital letters, exclamation marks and evidence of comma used within a phrase. The apostrophe was given (AF6 L3 b1).
  • Content is deliberately selected to present an image of the desirable coat. Julia uses exaggeration to express a positive viewpoint about 'the product' and its desirability. Nouns are expanded with adjectives to give more information and to sell the coat (AF1 L3 b2 and b3).
  • Through the use of imperatives, word selection, exaggeration and an appropriate register Julia establishes the purpose of the writing. The style of writing is lively and engages the reader (AF2 L3 b3).
  • Words chosen for effect, including the use of a media catchphrase, 'to die for' (AF7 L3 b1 and b2).
  • All spellings are accurate (AF8 L3 b1).