You can review the impact of the six-week improvement plan by judging how far and in what ways you have achieved these outcomes. Each outcome will be best judged by the subject leader, department, line manager, senior leadership team intervention lead or an external consultant.

Intended outcomes

Subject leader and department

The subject leader and department can evaluate the following outcomes.

  • Targeted additional support for pupils (Wave 2 and 3) is linked to their main learning (Wave 1), and teachers direct the work of additional adults in the classroom to support these pupils' identified needs.
  • The progress of pupils identified as needing intervention support is being tracked and are making good progress.
  • Pupils know their own learning needs and what to do in order to improve.

Subject leader and line manager

The subject leader and line manager can evaluate the following outcomes.

  • All pupils in Years 7 to 11 who are working below expectations but have the potential to achieve more have been identified and are being appropriately provided for; their progress is being tracked systematically.
  • The departmental process of pairing for collaborative work, and any professional development opportunities provided, have impacted on teachers’ practice.

Subject leader, senior leadership team intervention lead and external consultant

The subject leader, senior leadership team intervention lead and external consultant can evaluate these outcomes.

  • The department has the capacity to sustain renewed or revised approaches to intervention in English, and has clear plans for further development of high-quality, linked Wave 1, 2 and 3 tailored provision.
  • Teachers have opportunities for professional development in providing tailored support for pupils who need it in English.
  • The school has the capacity and expertise needed to provide personal tuition for pupils with particularly intransigent barriers to learning, or who have much ground to make up.
  • Parental involvement has contributed to securing progress and how this can be further developed.