You can download a suggested six-week improvement plan and adapt it to suit the needs of your department. You can also find the specific issues that this approach can address.

Six-week improvement plan

Download the Element 1: Example six-week improvement plan (DOC-82 KB) Attachments to see what actions your English department and leadership team could take to make measurable progress towards the quality standards.

You can adapt the plan to help your department address its own issues on planning. This is followed by a review process that will help provide feedback to the senior leadership team on progress and outcomes.

Issues to overcome

Schools have found that this approach addresses a range of planning issues identified by their English departments. These issues include:

  • inconsistencies in how teachers use the department curriculum plans and scheme of work
  • unclear department expectations of short-term planning and individual teachers' use of inconsistent approaches
  • a lack of pace and design for learning in lesson sequences that leads to slow progress and low-level disruption
  • schemes of work that show a range of texts and activities in Key Stages 3 and 4 but are less explicit about planning for progression and the skills pupils need to make expected rates of progress across each key stage.