How the Institutional Quality Standards support schools’ self-evaluation and planning

The IQS has three level descriptors:

  • Entry
  • Developing
  • Exemplary

Each relates to a level of current practice and is linked to an Ofsted rating.

Entry – the school has a baseline standard of practice, with scope for continuous improvement. (Ofsted - satisfactory)

Developing – the school is effective in meeting pupils' needs and has scope within its practice for reinforcement, development and further improvement. (Ofsted - good)

Exemplary – the school has exceptional and sustained practice with the scope for dissemination beyond the school/college and for continuous improvement as best practice evolves nationally. (Ofsted - outstanding)

To move to the next higher level a school must already have fulfilled and continue to fulfil the standard for the previous level. The descriptors for 'Developing' and 'Exemplary' levels therefore state the additional practice and/or further development required.