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Improving the use of ICT in the Foundation Stage: Halton

Practices and impact

  • Date: Feb 2007
  • Focus: Using ICT to create transition passports for children from pre-schools to Reception Year.
  • Number in series: 9
  • Phase: Early Years
  • Key Stage: Foundation Stage
  • Local authority: Halton

Main findings

  • Cooperation between settings has improved working relationships; this will make the transition process a smoother one.
  • Increased understanding and recognition of the work undertaken in both sectors.
  • Sharing good practice from a local nursery headteacher which focused on observing children and creating ‘learning stories' which some of the practitioners developed through their case studies.
  • Increased confidence and skills of participants (children and adults).
  • Support from staff with more expertise has been invaluable.
  • The children have become more objective about their performance and have shown care in using the equipment.
  • Use of photographs and video clips developed the observation process – observations more focused and informative.
  • Improvement of children's communication skills.
  • Parents are excited to learn about the work their children have been doing during their time in the setting (including the ICT project).
  • The practitioners were very enthusiastic.
  • The profile of ICT has been raised.
  • This has been the first opportunity for some settings to have access to computer equipment for themselves and the children.

Examples of how impact has been measured

At present impact can be measured from feedback from practitioners and comments in case studies.

The children have great confidence in what to do and are asking continually throughout the day, “Can I take a picture of my model”, etc.

Reception teacher

I feel my own confidence has grown. I don't have access to laptops or digital cameras and I am one of the few who doesn't own such equipment. I have only ever used Microsoft Word. I'm now able to use Publisher and PowerPoint.

Preschool practitioner

The equipment has made the recording of individual children's development much easier to monitor.

Preschool practitioners

The language from the children when looking back at the pictures and the comments made has had a massive impact alone.

Preschool practitioner