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Application of synthetic phonic knowledge and skills



These samples reflect Matty's enthusiasm for annotating his findings across the curriculum, whether in the Computer Area or on the Challenge Table. As can be seen Matty has the confidence to attempt many complex words which contain grapheme–phoneme correspondences not yet taught.

Year 1

As Matty’s phonemic knowledge increases, there is evidence of Phase Four application through CVCC words 'kind' and 'milk' and the CCVCC word 'swing'. Additionally, there are Phase Five split vowel digraphs applied in his writing. He also makes phonemically plausible attempts at more complex words. He continues to have a keen interest in computers which is reflected in his final writing sample. It is within this that the polysyllabic word 'computers' is spelt correctly, as is the Phase Five alternative 'ee' grapheme 'ea' in the word 'teacher'.