Links to the science framework

Links from the science framework to APP will help teachers to identify potential assessment opportunities and to plan for progression within their medium and short-term plans. The diagram below shows the elements of the framework.

Tree diagram to show how the learning objectives within the Framework for secondary science are supported.

At the top of the tree is a box for yearly learning objectives. This is connected by one branch, which splits to connect with to four boxes below: 'Learning journey', 'Barriers to learning', 'Amplified learning objectives' and 'Learning pathways'. Below 'Amplified learning objectives', a branch splits further, connecting it to 'Teaching strategies' and 'Rich questions'.Tree diagram showing the elements of the Framework for secondary science. The top row has one box containing the words 'Yearly learning objectives', this is connected to each of the four boxes in the second row, which are named from left to right 'Learning journey', 'Barriers to learning', 'Amplified learning objectives' and 'Learning pathways'. The 'Amplified learning objectives' box is connected to two further boxes named 'Teaching strategies' and 'Rich questions'.