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Assessment, talk and guided group work

This continuing professional development (CPD) is aimed at classroom teachers of Year 2, 3 and 4 pupils. It looks at making connections between the assessment process, teaching approaches and mathematical knowledge.

It begins with teachers working collaboratively to further their understanding of the APP process, including moderation.

The importance of and use of Talk for learning in mathematics is reviewed, with consideration of how a greater emphasis on Talk for learning could support the progress of children in mathematics.

The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information (EPPI) research on talk in the classroom and how this will relate to what we know about children's next steps in learning is explored.

The CPD furthers understanding of guided group work in mathematics and allows participants to begin to explore how these approaches will support the particular needs of children in their class. It also looks at how guided group work supports teachers in assessing children's understanding of key mathematical concepts and how it helps provide evidence of what children can do.

It concludes with participants having a clear plan of guided group work sessions and how they can explore this further through collaborative classroom-based CPD.

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  • Assessment, talk and guided group work