Using the school website to support science transition

Use the school website to help support transition and improve communication with parents by including a science section about transition. It will help you strengthen the virtual links and provide useful content.

The school website is an excellent way of communicating with the outside world. Pupils who attend another school are your target audience.

Strengthen transition by exploiting the capabilities of the virtual environment to reassure pupils and their parents about what science is like at secondary school. Both phases could carry the same content.

Strengthen the virtual links

As a teacher, you could look at your school website to find out:

  • what it is currently offered to pupils and parents about transition
  • what links there are to other schools’ websites; if there are no such links, think about how you could work with other schools on this
  • what tone of language is used – would parents and pupils feel at ease engaging with science on the site?

Suggested website content

You could use all aspects of digital technology to communicate what science is like for a Year 7 pupil in your secondary school. Try to include:

  • visuals – pictures or video clips of pupils doing science practicals, group work, demonstrations, and activities outside the classroom
  • examples of pupils’ work – e.g. presentations, podcasts, video podcasts, data displayed electronically, results of an electronic voting activity in class
  • Year 7 blogs of the week of science lessons; you could also get pupils ‘tweeting’ and create links to the ‘tweets’
  • suggested local visits with a science bias for parents and pupils, with links to external websites.

You could ask Year 7 and Year 6 pupils what they would have liked to know, and use this to make a list of FAQs about science. Include a forum so that questions and answers can be posted in real time.


You could design an online questionnaire to collect feedback from the pupils, parents and teachers involved in transition. Ask about:

  • what worked well
  • ideas to make the experience better
  • improvements that could be made to the website to support transition in general and science in particular.