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Application to Register as an Interested Party

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IPC Reference: TR040001
The Planning Act 2008 requires us to publish completed representation forms on our website. Therefore you should not include other people's personal information on this form without their consent. Please read our privacy notice for more details.
  1. About the Representation

    In order to assist in handling your representation effectively we need to know whether you are making this representation on behalf of yourself or on behalf of another individual or organisation.

    * Are you making this representation on behalf of yourself or another individual or organisation?

    Personal Details

    Individuals on whose behalf this representation is being made

    Organisation on whose behalf this representation is made


    Agent Details (Contact details for person acting for an individual or an organisation) Please note that you must have prior consent from the individual or organisation in order to act on their behalf


    It is the IPC's policy to utilise email communication wherever possible and unless otherwise instructed the IPC will send all correspondence via email. Please confirm that you are content with this.

    * Preferred means of contact:

    Where correspondence is to be by post and an agent or representative is named post will be sent to the named person. Where no agent or representative is named it will be sent direct to the individual or organisation.

  2. Interest In Land

    Are you a tenant, owner, lessee or occupier of ANY LAND which will be affected by the application? If so please specify the nature of that interest (e.g. you are the owner, tenant, occupy the land or are otherwise interested in the land as defined by Sections 52 and 57 of the Planning Act 2008).

    Compulsory Acquisition Hearing

    A compulsory acquisition hearing may be held to examine issues in relation to the proposed acquisition of affected persons' interests in land. These hearings are not to discuss compensation; any disputes over compensation payable will be decided by the Lands Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.

    Only the applicant and affected parties are entitled (subject to the Examining Authority’s control over the conduct of the hearing) to make oral representations on the matter of compulsory acquisition.

    * If the applicant is also applying for compulsory acquisition of land would you like to make oral representations at a compulsory acquisition hearing?

  3. Representation


    Please set out an outline of the principal submissions which you propose to make in respect of the application.

    Your representation will assist the Examining Authority to carry out their initial assessment of issues and to determine the most appropriate method of examining the application.

    Your representation should NOT contain:

    • Material about compensation for compulsory acquisition of land or of an interest in or right over land,
    • Material about the merits of policy set out in a national policy statement, or
    • Material that is vexatious or frivolous.

    Should your representation contain this information it may not be possible to register you as an interested party.

    Your representation at this stage should be concise and it would assist greatly if you could ensure that it is no more than 500 words. Please feel free to list the key points.

    You should be aware that any oral submissions you might make at a hearing during the examination must be based on the issues you raise in this representation form and in any subsequent detailed written representation.

    Do you wish to submit further 'written representations' at a later stage?

    Please note that the primary method of considering a development consent order application will be through written representations. At a later stage you will have the opportunity to submit further 'written representations' on this application. Please indicate whether you wish to make further representations later on or whether this is the full extent of the comments you wish to make.

    * I wish to make further written representations at a later stage:

  4. Preliminary Meeting

    Whether you say yes or no to this question, if you are registered as an interested party you will be invited to the preliminary meeting, the details of which will be sent to you in due course.

    The preliminary meeting is held to enable interested parties to make representations about how the application should be examined. The meeting is held after the Examining Authority has made an initial assessment of issues following the receipt of relevant representations. Each interested party is entitled to attend; matters discussed will be solely procedural and not about the merits of the application. The purpose of asking this question is to ensure that the venue choice will be large enough to accommodate all those who wish to attend.

    * Would you like to attend the preliminary meeting?

  5. Open-Floor Hearings

    The primary method for examining applications through the IPC will be via written representations. An open floor hearing will provide an opportunity for anyone to make oral representations to the Examining Authority (subject to the Examining Authority’s control over conduct of the hearing).

    * Would you like to make oral representations at an open-floor hearing? Oral submissions must be based on the relevant and/or written representations.

  6. Issue Specific Hearings

    The primary method for examining applications through the IPC will be via written representations.

    There may be an opportunity to request to be heard at an 'issue specific' hearing if the Examining Authority decides this form of hearing is necessary.

    The Examining Authority will decide whether it is appropriate to hold an issue specific hearing (or series of hearings). In the event that issue specific hearings are to be held these will be detailed in the procedural decision issued at or following the preliminary meeting.

    In any event you have the opportunity to request an open floor hearing.

    * If an issue specific hearing is held, would you like to make oral representations?

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