Atlantic Array Wind Farm

The project folder includes any documents which relate to the project excluding the application documents.


Atlantic-Array-Scoping-Opinion final web

IPC Scoping Opinion
Size: 27 MB, Pages: 160
Page size: A4

Final scoping report appendices

Applicant scoping report appendices
Size: 13 MB, Pages: 48
Page sizes:
A3 (3 pages)
A4 (45 pages)

Atlantic-Array-Scoping-Report web

Applicant scoping report
Size: 25 MB, Pages: 309
Page sizes:
A3 (3 pages)
A4 (306 pages)

110516 EN010015 617404 Late Responses

Late responses to IPC scoping consultation
Size: 8 MB, Pages: 31
Page size: A4