Building a school attendance profile

Find out how your school attendance profile will help you and what information you could use, and access three tools to help you build one.

Why your school needs a profile

A school profile of the impact absence has on attainment levels will help you:

  • direct your resources to where they will have the greatest impact
  • prepare easily understood information for governors, parents/carers and Ofsted
  • work with external support services to meet the needs of individual pupils.

How to build your profile

Collect information using the resources outlined below. You can also use:

  • your electronic registration system to identify the year groups that have lower attendance
  • your persistent absence workbook to track learners who are at risk of being, or already are, persistently absent.

Absence codes for primary/secondary schools

Analyse the reasons for absence in your school using the appropriate school tool; there is one for primary schools and another for secondary schools. Use the tool to plan for improvements, celebrate success and prepare reports. Charts are automatically generated to analyse the data by:

  • each individual code by year group
  • whole-school overall absence
  • whole-school approved educational activity
  • overall absence for each year group
  • authorised absence for each year group
  • unauthorised absence for each year group.

Tool to identify vulnerable groups

Use the Tool to identify vulnerable groups (XLS-446 KB) Attachments to identify absence levels of vulnerable groups of learners. If you identify any groups that are disproportionally represented discuss the reasons for this with colleagues. The section Improving the attendance of vulnerable groups provides more information on how to address any issues identified.

Pupil tracking tool

The Pupil tracking tool (XLS-350 KB) Attachments can help you analyse attendance and attainment data using specific criteria. This may include:

  • the geographical area a learner lives in
  • their mode of transport to school
  • their previous school.