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Natural Environment White Paper published

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) published its Natural Environment White Paper 'The Natural Choice' on 7 June 2011. It is the first on the natural environment for over 20 years.

The White Paper describes a new way of protecting the environment that will create new market opportunities and in which your business can play a vital part. Your business may already actively lead in this area by finding ways to be more sustainable and profit from 'green' opportunities. But there is likely to be more that you can do to improve profitability and environmental performance. For example, you can:

  • assess how much you and your suppliers depend on natural goods and services, identifying risks and opportunities for your business
  • identify pressure points in your supply chain which use scarce or vulnerable products and make more sustainable choices, thus future-proofing your business
  • encourage your whole supply chain to act sustainably and highlight the benefits of sustainability to your customers and other organisations you work with

There are no shortcuts to a green, growing economy but it will create new business opportunities and bring long-term benefits. You can find out more about the Natural Environment White Paper and the role of business on the Defra website.

You can also read more about how the natural environment affects your business in our guide on conservation and biodiversity - an overview.