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Zanzibar is an electronic procurement service designed for buyers in UK  public sector to trade electronically with their suppliers securely over the Internet.

The core of the service is an eMarketplace which is the ‘shop window’ for contracted suppliers through which documents such as purchase orders, invoices and credit notes are passed electronically between buyers and suppliers over the internet.

Zanzibar captures in detail every transaction that takes place and is able to supply real time management information to give total visibility and transparency of all purchasing activity as it happens.

Zanzibar is a fully hosted and managed service, operated by ProcServe ( under a framework contract with OGC. The service is delivered to contracted service levels with full HMG security accreditation.

Zanzibar has developed interfaces to ensure it integrates to client’s existing finance and purchasing systems to create a complete end-to-end procure-to-pay solution.

Zanzibar ensures that suppliers can trade electronically irrespective of their size or eProcurement capability and can access the service using a basic web browser. There are no charges to suppliers for trading on Zanzibar. New suppliers can easily be added at the request of the buyer to the Zanzibar marketplace and approved catalogues and content added to the system. Both buyers and suppliers are supported by dedicated help lines.

Zanzibar is used in major strategic programmes such as the Department for Education’s OPEN (Online Procurement for Educational Needs) for primary and secondary schools and xchangewales for public sector organisations in Wales as well as by individual organisations such as the Crown Prosecution Service, the Bank of England and Treasury Solicitors Department.

Zanzibar is a key part of the DWP Shared Services which provides services for other government departments as well as for DWP.

Some of the advantages of Zanzibar include:-

  • Complete visibility of purchasing activity;
  • Direct access to best value and collaborative deals;
  • increased efficiencies in procurement and back-office processes;
  • access to Management Information to inform future procurement decisions;
  • Better access to the government market and faster payment for suppliers.


"Zanzibar is saving time of our staff members and it's saving us money. It is making our procurement processes slicker and more efficient and it means that we can get real services for our front-line staff to help customers faster and more efficiently. There is no better way of doing things in Government."
David Smith, Commercial Director, DWP

"Zanzibar and its enhanced interaction with our Oracle ERP will be vital to the success of our Shared Services operation. Now it is more straightforward to connect our customers to Zanzibar and the flow of information between Zanzibar at the purchasing front end and our Oracle back office promises a highly dynamic delivery of transactions and management information."
Nick Morris, Head of Procurement, DWP Shared Services

"Zanzibar is helping us automate the entire procurement process. By doing so, it will improve spend visibility, and allow us to reduce transaction costs and maverick spend within business units."
Gordon Cranford, Head of Procurement and Commercial Services, Crown Prosecution Service

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