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Virtual Programme Management Office

Change Management
This area has tools and templates useful for Change Management.

Category sourcing strategy
This stage involves the assessment of the customer needs, analysis of the current position and review of the suppliers and supply market. Options will be identified and assessed and the agreed way forward and supporting business case will be created. This stage does not automatically lead into the supplier selection and award stage, but will do so in the majority of cases

Supplier selection and award
If the agreed strategy is to establish new contracts with a supplier or suppliers the activities in this stage will result in these contracts being in place. The method of going to market will have been agreed as part of the category sourcing strategy and the process will be compliant with the OJEU procurement rules.

Contract management
The awarding of the contract is not so much the end of the process but the start of the final stage. The effective management of the customers, suppliers and the contract are key to successful outcomes.


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