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Make sure you apply for tickets from an official source.

Use the website checker below to ensure the site you have used is an Authorised Ticket Reseller. Please enter the URL carefully.

If in doubt, visit the official London 2012 ticketing website for a list of official suppliers.

For more information about known London 2012 scams to avoid, read our Stay safe online guidelines.

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Known unauthorised websites claiming to offer London 2012 tickets

These websites are the latest reported to LOCOG as being fake or unauthorised ticket outlets for the London 2012 Games. Please do not buy London 2012 tickets from any of these sites. Note: this is not an exhaustive list of unofficial or fraudulent sites, so always use caution online.
  • londonsummergames.net
  • 2012tickets.org
  • london-olympics-tickets.org.uk
  • www.euroteam.info
  • www.worldticketshop.com
  • www.olympicticket.info
  • www.edusport.co.za
  • www.globaleventforum.com
  • www.euroteamtickets.com
  • www.freetickets.org.uk/entertainment/sports-tickets/london-2012-olympics-tickets
  • www.britainolympics2012.co.uk
  • www.ticketcity.com
  • www.london-2012-games.com/2012-olympics-tickets

Official London 2012 ticket sites

The official ticketing site for residents of the UK and designated European countries is www.tickets.london2012.com

Individuals from outside the UK and designated European countries should see our list of official suppliers.