THINK! Drink driving

Publisher:Department for Transport
Publication type:Instructional
Published date: 7 March 2011
Mode/topic:Roads, Road safety



The THINK! strategy for drink driving is to remind all drivers of the personal consequences of drink driving and that a drink driving conviction can ruin your life.

Our work with partners in the pub environment takes a different approach. It aims to improve the in-pub experience of designated drivers by providing them with promotional offers during their night out.

The THINK! 'Moment of Doubt' campaign for drink driving aims to:

  • increase awareness of the personal consequences of a drink driving conviction. The fine, ban and criminal record are all highlighted.
  • encourage the belief that 1 or 2 drinks before driving is too many and not worth the risk
  • reinforce and build the social stigma around drink driving
  • Offer in-pub solutions to help drivers avoid the temptation to drink alcohol if they know they are going to drive

The 'Moment of Doubt' campaign targets 1-3 pint drink drivers, not drunk drivers, with a particular focus on young men aged 17-29 years old. It doesn't focus on the increased risk of a crash, as our research drink driving strategic development has found that young men believe:

  • that they are unlikely to crash after 1 or 2 drinks
  • drink drive adverts showing a crash are not relevant to them but to the irresponsible people who drive when drunk
  • that the personal consequences of a drink drive conviction are much more likely to happen to them

We found that the long-term implications of a drink driving conviction, such as imprisonment or a criminal record, a 12 month driving ban or an endorsement that stays on your license for 11 years were new news and more concerning to this audience than the risk of crashing and harming themselves or others.

Key messages

  • THINK! Don't drink and drive
  • Get caught drink driving and you'll be processed like any other criminal. THINK!
  • Lose your licence for drink driving this Christmas and your car will be out of reach for at least 12 months. THINK!
  • 11 years is a long time to have a drink drive conviction on your licence. THINK!
  • How much will your next round cost you? THINK!
  • Don't let that pint ruin your Christmas. THINK!

Recent campaign activity

Our most recent drink drive communications campaign in December 2010 remained focused on personal consequences and re-used existing adverts. The media strategy targeted drink drivers at the 'moment of doubt': the moment when they are deciding whether to order another drink. Posters were used within the pub environment. The campaign also included radio advertising, targeted to reach young men on their way out at night, and online search signposting the correct facts on the issue

Visit the THINK! Drink Driving page to view adverts

Working in partnership

Driver Friendly, which launched in December 2009, was the focus of our partnership activity for Christmas 2010. It aims to improve the in-pub experience of designated drivers by providing them with promotional offers during their night out. We partnered with Coca-Cola and various pub chains to encourage drivers to choose soft drinks on their night out by providing them with a buy one, get one free offer on Coca-Cola and Diet Coke.

We also provide posters for those pubs that want to get involved with the campaign but are unable to support a Driver Friendly promotion.

View drink driving posters in public THINK! Shop

THINK! partnership information


Relevant attitudinal indicators are monitored over time to measure the impact of the communications. Core KPIs for the 'Moment of Doubt' campaign are:

'Moment of Doubt' Campaign Results Young male drivers aged under 30 % agreeing: July 2007 Jan 2010
It is extremely unacceptable to drive after drinking two pints 49 54
If I were to drink and drive I would be likely to be caught by the police 58 72
It is likely that being caught drink driving would change my lifestyle dramatically 72 85

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