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An introduction to transport security

The Department for Transport (DfT) aims to protect the travelling public, transport facilities and those employed in the transport industry, primarily from acts of terrorism. We aim to retain public confidence in transport security without imposing requirements that impact on the way they travel.

The Transport Security team is also responsible for transport contingency arrangements in response to any actual or threatened disruption.

In particular, the Transport Security team is responsible for security in the following areas:

Aviation security
Ensuring the security of passengers, workers and cargo in airports and during transit.  This section includes advice to help passengers pass through the security search point as quickly as possible.

Land transport security
The security of passengers and staff on the national rail network, London Underground, Channel tunnel and light rail systems, and the security aspects of transporting dangerous goods by road and rail. 

Maritime security
National security standards and instructions relating to the security of UK ports, passenger and cargo shipping. This section includes information on the National Maritime Security Programme as well as guidance and training for industry personnel.

Emergency preparation

Preparing for Emergencies helps individuals and communities be better prepared to deal with the impacts of emergencies.

UK resilience contains emergency planning guidance and information for government organisations for a wide number of potential crises.