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Wednesday, 23 Mar 2011

Technology Links device in use

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Technology Links device in use

Technology Links device in use

Technology Links

Supplier of high quality equipment and machinery Technology Links attended the Arab Health 2011 exhibition in Dubai and secured new contracts with UK suppliers, with help from UK Trade & Investment.

Technology Links was formed in Pakistan in early 1989 as a Private Limited Company for supplying high quality instruments from manufacturers around the world. Up until the late 1980s, scientific instruments from abroad had been sold in Pakistan as any other commodity, such as wheat or sugar, where the traders had little training or knowledge in the products they dealt with, resulting in purchasers often buying unsuitable products.

Fast facts

Company: Technology Links

Industry: healthcare and medical technologies


Kalim Farooqui, founder of Technology Links had identified a gap in the market. He believed that there was a business opportunity to create a company that provided a comprehensive sales service with an additional aftercare provision, ensuring only the most suitable and relevant products were offered to clients. So, he set about creating a company with performance, quality and integrity at the heart of its operation.

Sourcing suppliers from around the world became a priority and Technology Links created strong links with reputable manufacturers from Japan, the US, the Netherlands and the UK. The company initially supplied equipment to the medical and education sectors and over the last 20 years it has expanded to include the research, technical and engineering sectors. It also offers an end to end service for its clients, dealing with all aspects of counsel, planning, arranging finance and the implementation of new projects. The company also has an application laboratory offering procedure training to professionals from the pharmaceutical industry and other certified testing facilities. To date, the company employs 110 people, has offices in all the major cities in Pakistan and has worked on projects for clients in theFar East, Indo-China region, Central Asia and Africa.

Keen to help, UKTI quickly arranged for Technology Links to join its own delegation at the Arab Health Exhibition 2011. As part of the delegate’s programme, the company attended a pre exhibition networking meeting with international buyers and UK suppliers of medical equipment. During the exhibition the company was able to establish interests with 24 potential UK suppliers, out of which 16 manufacturers showed an interest in signing a sole distributor contract with Technology Links.

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