Students at work

1.0 Learner entitlement

Learners are entitled to be monitored during their work experience to ensure the quality of their learning experience, and the creation of the correct environment to allow the learner to interact to gain the most from the placement.

2.0 Responsibility

The school/college is responsible for ensuring the scope of the learning is clear for the employer and that any outcomes are clearly defined to enable adequate quality in the learning plan. A learner monitoring regime will be formulated by the school/college/WEO for the duration of the work experience to ensure progress and the quality of provision.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that ‘on the job’ monitoring is carried out in order to make sure the learner is gaining adequate experience from the placement and understands the tasks to be undertaken. Monitoring of the work place environment will also be required so that any changes to the tasks or risk assessment is adequately managed (especially in the case of ‘extended placements’) thereby ensuring the safety and health of the learner. Feedback to the school/college will be required to aid assessment of the placement experience.

3.0 Content

The school/college will identify the curriculum programme to be followed, and the kinds of activities required to deliver that curriculum. Key milestones and number of visits for monitoring will also be identified to ensure adequate monitoring of the learner occurs. Any concerns about progress or issues relating to the quality of the work experience will require discussion between the employer and the school/college in order to identify any additional measures or extra support required. These, in turn, should be notified to the WEO if they affect the health and safety arrangements or tasks.

The employer will be responsible for monitoring the learner throughout the placement in order to ensure they are working in a safe manner using the skills and behaviours required. The employer will also need to monitor the working environment and take account of any changes (especially in the case of ‘extended placements’). This process will form part of the employer’s existing health and safety management arrangements. Any issues noted during the employer’s monitoring process should be raised with whoever carries out the monitoring and must be communicated to everyone else involved. This is to ensure the learners experience is achievable and that action points have been identified where appropriate.

See also the Aide Memoir Section (item 13) of the Health, safety and welfare assessment for work experience placements – a good practice guide for additional information on monitoring.


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