This section contains the latest news, press notices and information on iGCSEs.

The Government aims to give schools and colleges greater choice in the qualifications they offer so their students are able to earn well-recognised and high quality qualifications. We want students and parents to be sure all qualifications are valued and robust, and that they measure up against the most rigorous qualifications in the world.

We also intend to introduce new arrangements for qualifications development that provide universities and learned societies a much stronger voice in determining what academic qualifications should contain. No decisions have been taken as yet on what changes will be made; we will set out the next steps on reform later in the year. We will update this information as announcements are made and more detail becomes available.

Further information about A Levels and GCSEs can be found on the Directgov website.

Ofqual, the independent regulator, is responsible for monitoring qualification standards. Visit the Ofqual website for more information.