In this section you will find information about the services and support available to help end child poverty in the UK . This includes the first national child poverty strategy, access to research and data, an explanation of the Child Poverty Act and role of the Child Poverty Unit, and details of pilot programmes and other strategies designed to combat the issue.

Helping children overcome poverty will make a huge difference not only to their lives but to the lives of their families, communities and to society as a whole. Ending child poverty means tackling a wide range of complex issues to improve children's chances in life and empowering families to move themselves out of poverty for good.

There are challenges ahead, but the Coalition’s Programme for Government made clear its commitment to ending child poverty by 2020. Success depends on finding the best long-term solutions to tackling child poverty and the national strategy sets out how the Government proposes to tackle child poverty in the forthcoming years.

Please take the time to view the films and case studies in this section; they highlight some good practice examples of communities working together for children and families across the country.