The 10-Year Childcare Strategy in 2004 set out the Government’s plans to make early learning and childcare in this country truly world class. It included an ambitious policy programme which was motivated by a wish to see every child develop to their full potential, help parents to work and allow them to make informed choices about their children’s care and family life.

This document updates and builds on the 10-Year Strategy. It shows the progress that has been made since 2004, and sets out new steps to address the challenges ahead. Alongside the recent New Opportunities White Paper it sets out some firm proposals, and in other areas it identifies the case for action and the need to develop plans through discussion and consultation.

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  • Introduction
  • Supporting families to support children
  • What’s on offer for 0-14s
  • Quality of early years provision
  • Information for families, providers and Government
  • Financial support and managing the market
  • What next?
  • Annexes