To become an educational psychologist candidates need to complete a three-year postgraduate doctorate. They are then eligible for chartered educational psychologist status.

Educational psychologists (EPs) have a central role in the statutory assessment and statementing procedures for children with special educational needs (SEN). Employed by local authorities, not the Government, they also contribute to behaviour-support work and early intervention.

The body responsible for the accreditation for training EPs in the UK is the British Psychology Society (BPS).  

Since September 2006, to train to be an educational psychologist, candidates have to complete a three-year postgraduate doctorate. Candidates need to have a degree in psychology, be eligible for Graduate Basis of Registration with the BPS, and be able to demonstrate relevant experience of working with children and young people.

They can then apply for a three-year postgraduate course at one of 13 universities in England and Wales. On successful completion of an accredited doctorate programme, candidates will be eligible for chartered EP status.