On 2 November 2009, we changed the way we pay for goods and services. We now use an online system called iProcurement on the Oracle Resource Management (RM) system. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Shared Services also handles our procurement administration, including invoice payment. These changes help us buy and pay for goods and services more efficiently.

What you need to do

There are a number of things that changed on 2 November 2009. We previously wrote to our suppliers about this, and this communication included important information on our approach to implementation.

New contracts, purchases or procurements now have a new Departmental purchase order number that has been automatically generated by the RM system. Departmental purchase order numbers are preceded by the number 35.

Existing contracts, however, have supplier and contract information loaded on RM on a phased basis and therefore do not have new Departmental purchase order numbers in the short term.

The arrangements set out below provide information on where you have to send invoices for payment. If you don’t follow the advice there could be significant delays in paying your invoices, and your invoices may be returned to you.

  1. Unless you have received details of a new Departmental purchase order number, you should continue to send your invoices to your usual contact in the Department as normal. We have made arrangements to forward these to DWP Shared Services in Cardiff once they have been authorised for payment. Shared Services will then issue the payments to you.
  2. Once you are allocated and informed of your new Departmental purchase order number, the invoice (which must include the purchase order number) should then be sent to the Purchase to Pay department.

Your contract manager will talk to you about the arrangements to be implemented once you have been allocated a new Departmental purchase order. This will include details of what delivery evidence you should send and how to cross reference this with the invoice you will send to Shared Services.

Help and support

For any queries about the changes, contact your contract manager or your usual contact.

The Department is committed to making sure supplier invoices are paid correctly and on time. We ask for your full cooperation in making the transition arrangements work well for both of us.