From this page you can download the following research relating to youth issues that are of particular relevance to the children's workforce:

Young people not in employment, education or training: Statistics quarterly brief (published February 2010)

This brief sets out the available statistics on young people not in employment, education or training.

Empowering Young People Pilots evaluation (published February 2010)

This is an evaluation of a pilot programme that made funds available so that the most disadvantaged young people in the nine pilot areas could access positive activities.

Risky behaviour and social activities (published November 2009)

This research explores whether risky behaviour is reinforced or counterbalanced by various types of social and individual activities and the impacts on educational outcomes at age 16.

Youth Sector Development Fund evaluation: First interim report (published November 2009)

This evaluation investigates the effectiveness of the Youth Sector Development Fund in increasing the capacity and long-term sustainability of third sector organisations.

Positive activities: Qualitative research with parents (published August 2009)

This research sought to understand the barriers, motivators and messages for parents to encourage taking part in positive activities for young people and to assess the level of influence of parents in whether a young person participates or what a young person might participate in.

Positive activities: Qualitative research with young people (published August 2009)

This project looked to build on existing understanding of the motivators and barriers to young people participating in positive activities and to provide more detailed findings on which channels and specific messages are most effective in driving demand.