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Procurement and Contracts

The annual spend on third party goods and services for Companies House is around £40m. These requirements range from stationery products to complex IT managed services.

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Companies House in common with other central Government Authorities as well as many other public sector bodies is subject to European Rules or Directives. In fact they are now part of UK law and govern the way in which we are bound to purchase goods, services and works. They are particularly important when the value of the items to be purchased is estimated to cost over EU threshold values (currently from £90,319 upwards).

We have our own central procurement department that seeks to use the most effective contracting method for our needs.

For simple low value purchases we use a quotation procedure, and award business via an official Purchase Order, or by Government Procurement Card if the order value is under £1000.

For higher value or more complex work we use a formal tendering process. We evaluate tenders by determining the most economically advantageous offer considering such factors as cost, quality, delivery and environmental impact.