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The Anderson Review and Companies House Guidance

The Anderson Review, produced by Sarah Anderson in early 2009, made a number of proposals to increase business confidence in government guidance. The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has responded by updating its Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulation. The Code sets out golden rules for guidance on legislation (for example: guidance must be easy for users to understand and easily available for users).

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The guidance most used by Companies House customers (January - October 2010) is listed below:

The Companies Act 2006
GP1 – Incorporation and Names
GP2 – Life of a Company – Part 1 Annual Requirements
GP4 – Strike off, Dissolution and Restoration
GP3 – Life of a Company – Part 2 Event Driven Filings
GPLLP1 – LLP Incorporation and Names
GP5 – Late Filing Penalties
GP08 – Liquidation and Insolvency

The Companies Act 1985
GBA3 – Accounts and Accounting Reference Dates
GBA2 – Annual Return
GBA5 – Late Filing Penalties

If you have any queries about our guidance and the Anderson Review please contact: Helen Fletcher on 02920 380861 or