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Save money, time and paper by filing company information online with WebFiling

File Online

WebFiling is the safe and reliable way to file your company information online.

Filing information

As well as saving you money on your Annual Return (£14), Other information can be filed including change of name by resolution (standard £8, same day £30), changes to your registered office address, officer/member information as well as company accounts.
Community Interest Companies (CIC) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) cannot file Annual Accounts using the WebFiling service. In addition LLPs cannot use the WebFiling service to change an LLP name. However, they can use the Software filing service.

One of the main benefits of the service is pre-populated screens. You can amend information displayed on screen, and with in built checks there is less chance of document rejection.

You also have the benefit of knowing that your information has been received by Companies House. You will receive two e-mails, the first will confirm receipt of the data and the second will confirm if it has been accepted or rejected.


To use WebFiling you must first register for two codes;

  • A Security Code (which is sent by email and linked to your email address)
  • An Authentication Code (Which is posted to the registered office address)
When you have received both codes you can sign into WebFiling and start to file online

Why file online?

  • Filing online saves you time – File directly from your PC
  • Filing online is the most secure way of filing information
  • Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships can file Annual Returns at half the cost of doing so on paper
  • Benefit from PROOF – Protect your company/LLP from hijack
  • You receive an automatic e-mail acknowledgement
  • There is less chance of rejections due to in built checks and pre-populated data
File Online
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