I want to be a TQS practitioner

The Practitioners’ Programme is a 4-day professional development course for anyone in, or working with, organisations that sell training products and services to employers.

The course explains all aspects of the Standard by building on technical knowledge, Assessor experience and the lessons learned from over 250 assessments. By looking closely at quality, and the approaches that characterise any good business, the course will develop the understanding and skills needed to identify, assess and evaluate employer responsiveness.

At the end of the course, candidates will be capable of applying the knowledge they’ve been given and will:

  • Know the fundamental concepts which underpin the Standard and assessment
  • Understand what quality means within the context of the Training Quality Standard
  • Recognise the role evidence plays and what it looks like
  • Demonstrate they can put an organisation’s approaches into context using the assessment framework
  • Be capable of identifying where an organisation has apparent strengths and areas-for-improvement against the assessment framework.

The next course starts at the end of the year. Please use the options to the left to find out more and to book your place.