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  Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If your query is not covered below or if you need further information, please email with your question or phone our public enquiries line on 020 7271 0243.

How do I contact the CC?

You can contact us by telephone, email or fax. Details are available on our Contacts page.

Where can I locate information about a particular CC inquiry or find out if CC investigations have looked at a specific company or sector?

Each CC inquiry since 2000 has its own section in the Investigations part of the site which contains links to all documents published by the inquiry. To find a particular investigation you can use the inquiry directories which allow you to search by company, industry sector or date completed. There is also a listing of current inquiries, if you know that it is something we are currently investigating. If you have an enquiry about investigations completed before 2000, please contact our Information Centre at

How do I complain about a competition issue or report an uncompetitive practice?

See our competition complaints section for details of who to contact.

Where can I find out about the role and procedures of the CC?

For a quick introduction to the work of the CC see About Us. See our rules and guidance documents for a detailed explanation of our procedures.

Where can I find out about the current members of the Competition Commission?

A list of current members, with links to their biographies is available in our members section. You can also access the register of members’ interests there.

Where can I find a particular CC report?

All reports since 1951 published by the CC and its predecessor organisations are available in our Reports section, organised by date of publication.

How do I order a hard copy of a CC publication?

Details of how to order a paper copy of a CC publication are available in our Publications section.

How do I get to the CC’s offices?

A location map and directions, including details of public transport, are available on our Contacts page.

How do I apply for a job at the CC?

Currently advertised vacancies and instructions for applications are available in the employment section.