An archive of diaries written by staff at the British Antarctic Survey's Halley research station.

December 2002 - RRS Ernest Shackleton arrives
By Jon Seddon (Electronic Engineer)
November 2002 - Planes arrive
By Douglas Colliar (Electronic Engineer, SHARE)
October 2002 - Visiting the penguins and fancy dress
By Lyndsey Bishop (Doctor) and Stuart McMillan (Chef)
September 2002 - Trips away from base
By Jon Seddon (Electronic Engineer), Duncan Cameron (Field Assistant) and Mark Ryan (Communications Manager)
August 2002 - A Welcome environmental contrast
By Steve Hind (Field Assistant and Winter Base Commander)
July 2002 - A peaceful but cold month!
By Jon Seddon (Electronic Engineer)
June 2002 - Mid Winter Celebrations
By Jon Seddon (Electronic Engineer)
May 2002 - Winter Darkness
By Douglas Colliar (SHARE Engineer)
April 2002 - Sundown
By Lyndsey Bishop (Base Doctor)
March 2002 - Met Angels
By Annette Faux and Elaine Cowie (Meteorologists)
February 2002 - Cargo Operations and preparing for winter
By Jon Seddon, Halley AIS Engineer
January 2002 - A New Year
By Catherine Moore, Halley Meteorologist