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Cafcass self-evaluation form

For use by Cafcass service areas for inspections from April 2009.

23 Oct 2009 | HMI 20090055 | Ofsted |

Common inspection framework for further education and skills 2009

The Common inspection framework for further education and skills 2009 – the common inspection framework – was devised by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector in line with the Education and Inspection Act 2006.

It is based on the common evaluation schedule which informs all of Ofsted’s inspections. It sets out the judgements inspectors will make during inspection.

The document available from this page is a summary of the key features of the full common inspection framework, which is published separately as part of the Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills from September 2009.

The handbook has two parts.

  • Part 1: Guidance for inspectors and providers on the preparation for, and conduct of, inspections.
  • Part 2: The full common inspection framework and guidance on how it will be used by inspectors to award the main and contributory grades.

Additional guidance on inspecting employer provision has been written for employers who manage and run their own government-funded contracts and for inspectors to use during inspection of those employers.

We have additional guidance on inspecting community-based offender learning and employability skills for probation trusts and other organisations to ensure that they are well informed and for inspectors of these providers: Handbook for the inspection of community-based offender learning and employability skills.

Guidance for the inspection of dance and drama schools provides specific guidance for inspectors and colleges on the inspection of those colleges participating in the Dance and Drama Awards scheme and the implementation of the Common inspection framework.

23 Jul 2009 | HMI 090106 | Ofsted |

Compliance, investigation and enforcement handbook

The handbook is available as a suite of pages with links to its documents. Ofsted inspectors and staff use it for childcare and social care and so it is in both these parts of the forms and guidance channel.

06 Feb 2009 | Ofsted |

Comprehensive Area Assessment: annual rating of council children’s services for 2009

This documents covers arrangements and guidance for local authorities and their partners on the new Ofsted annual rating of council children’s services.

The new annual rating of council children’s services takes affect from 1 April 2009 as part of the new Comprehensive Area Assessment.

For all inspection documents visit the local services how we inspect page.

13 May 2009 | HMI 090024 | Ofsted |

Comprehensive Area Assessment: assessing children’s services and adult learning

This document outlines how Ofsted will contribute to the joint inspectorate Comprehensive Area Assessment from 1 April 2009. This document should be read alongside the joint inspectorate Comprehensive Area Assessment framework; this is available from the Audit Commission website.

10 Feb 2009 | HMI 090009 | Ofsted |

Early years online self-evaluation form (SEF) and guidance - For settings delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage

The early years self-evaluation form (EY SEF) is now available for you to complete online and we encourage you to use this: https://online.ofsted.gov.uk/onlineofsted/public/launchportal.aspx.

There is no legal requirement for settings to complete the Ofsted early years self-evaluation form. It is not mandatory and providers can use other methods of self-evaluation if they choose to do so. However, the form allows a setting to summarise the outcomes of its process of self-evaluation, in line with key judgements made by inspectors during inspection.

Please see the important note below regarding the amendments that were made in October 2009.

In order to complete your EY SEF online, you will need a unique password from Ofsted called an Ofsted Security Token (OST) and the guidelines on how to complete the online form. If you have not already received this, please contact us on 0300 123 3153. Please have your URN to hand when you contact us.

Alternatively, the EY SEF is available in two downloadable formats.

  • Word version - SEF can be filled in by hand or on your computer
  • PDF version - SEF can be filled in by hand

There is an EY SEF guidance document to help you.

The EY SEF should be read in conjunction with Are you ready for your inspection? and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Online early years self-evaluation form amendments – October 2009

We amended the online EY SEF on Thursday 29 October 2009 to incorporate the changes to the early years inspection judgements.

These amendments significantly changed the number and description of the form sections and judgements.

We have produced a guidance document Online early years self-evaluation form amendments to help explain the changes that have been made.

02 Nov 2009 | HMI 080104 | Ofsted |

Evaluating schools' action plans

A revised version was published in January 2009.

This is used as part of the inspection framework for independent schools, from December 2006.


02 Jan 2009 | HMI 20060023 | Ofsted |

Factsheet: childcare - Concerns and complaints about childcare providers

This publication was updated in May 2009.

From time to time parents, and others with an interest in childcare, have concerns about the quality of childcare services. This leaflet explains Ofsted's role.

06 May 2009 | HMI 080120 | Ofsted |

Factsheet: childcare - Triggers for inspections of those on the Early Years and Childcare Registers

This document used to be called Prompt points for inspections of those on the Early Years and Childcare Registers.

This factsheet details how quickly Ofsted will inspect a provider as a result of a particular situation.

It is part of a suite of childcare factsheets available via our website.

27 Aug 2009 | HMI 080179 | Ofsted |

Fire safety: memorandum of understanding between DCSF and fire and rescue services

The aim of the Service Level Agreement is to provide a negotiated expectation for both the Fire and Rescue Service and the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

11 Jun 2009 | DCSF |