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Coral reef

Coral reef

Essex coral reefs, malaria in the UK, and Antarctica

11 January 2011

As the UK winter continues to bite, Sue Nelson tries to escape it all by going to visit a coral reef.

Unfortunately for Sue, the coral reef is not in some sunny clime. Instead, it's an indoor coral reef at the brand new Coral Reef Research Unit at the University of Essex.

Researchers are using the reef to look at the effects of ocean acidification on coral in a unique experiment. Sue meets David Smith and David Suggett from the Unit to find out exactly what they're up to.

Later, Sue talks to Andy Morse from the University of Liverpool. Andy's an expert on the effects of climate change on the spread of infectious diseases. Sue finds out that as the climate changes and brings warmer and wetter weather, we might get more than we bargained for.


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The Planet Earth podcast - 'Essex coral reefs, malaria in the UK, and Antarctica'.

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Finally our correspondent in Antarctica – the British Antarctic Survey's medical doctor, Claire Lehman – meets a researcher who tells us how she finds out how the sea around the continent changes with the seasons.

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Your comments

Well done Dave (he used to be my supervisor 10 years ago), I always knew that he would do great stuff, he is very tallented!! Keep up the good work and protect the coral reefs!

Marina Vlachopoulou, Athens,Greece
Tuesday, 11 January 2011 - 19:13

Has it really been 10 years! Thanks for the comment Marina and I hope you are well. Stay in touch.

David Smith, UK
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 - 13:00