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What we do when a registered childminder or childcare provider is incapacitated or dies

This guidance provides Ofsted's National Business Unit and Compliance, Investigation and Enforcement Team with advice on what to do if a registered provider cannot run their provision any more because they are ill or die.

09 Dec 2010 | HMI 100212 | Ofsted |

Whistleblowing to Ofsted about safeguarding in local authority children’s services

This document is Ofsted’s external whistleblowing policy and outlines our processes and procedures for dealing with whistleblowing referrals about a local authority’s safeguarding arrangements.

This page includes the equality impact assessment. See the equality impact assessments section for more details.

27 Sep 2010 | HMI 100036 | Ofsted |

Working with Early Years Inspection Service Providers

From 1 September 2010 the inspection and registration visits of Early Years providers will be transferred to Tribal Group Plc and Prospects Services Ltd. These changes will enable Ofsted to focus on the quality of provision in the early years sector. We have not changed the way we inspect so providers should not notice any difference in the way inspections and registrations are carried out.

13 Aug 2010 | HMI 20100018 | Ofsted |

Writing for Inclusion

This guidance is for inspectors, and particularly for registered inspectors. It will also be useful to contractors in assuring the quality of reports. The guidance is intended to help inspectors to create reports which present to greatest effect an inspection team’s evaluation of educational inclusion. It expands on what is said in the inspection Handbooks and in the document Evaluating Educational Inclusion.

15 Jul 2002 | HMI 745 | Ofsted |

Writing inspection reports (independent schools)

This document was updated in April 2011. Its previous title was Guidance for inspectors on writing the report.

For use from September 2010.

11 Apr 2011 | HMI 090052 | Ofsted |