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Application for cancellation of registration

To make an application to cancel your registration you must complete and return this form.

12 Sep 2007 | HMI 070094 | Ofsted |

Blank self-evaluation forms

Blank PDFs are available via the link below.

Download blank forms

22 Jun 2007 | Ofsted |

Concerns and complaints about social care providers

When considering complaints Ofsted does not act as a complaint adjudicator. We do not decide if complaints are upheld, partially upheld or are unsubstantiated. Instead we investigate concerns to make sure that the social care provider continues to meet the National Minimum Standards and associated regulations and remains suitable for registration.

This was updated in November 2008.

10 Nov 2007 | HMI 70090 | HMI 070090 | Ofsted |

Financial reference for children's social care

This form must not be printed double-sided as it will be computer-scanned.

An electronic version is now available for completing on-screen.

01 Apr 2007 | HMI 070084 | Ofsted |

Handbook for the Inspection of Initial Teacher Training for inspections from September 2005

The handbook was republished in September 2007 with a new design and the new logo. The text has been amended in the light of the recently revised standards and requirements for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

This handbook for the inspection of initial teacher training explains how the framework will be applied in all inspections of initial teacher training that lead to QTS in the period September 2005 to July 2008. This framework has since been replaced by the 2008 single framework which covers all phases of ITE provision.

07 Sep 2007 | HMI 070191 | Ofsted |

Information for local authority customer service staff

This briefing is designed to assist front line customer service staff in handling parents' enquiries about when and how parents can complain to Ofsted, the type of complaints that can be considered and the action parents can expect Ofsted to take in response to a complaint.

Further information can be accessed by:

19 Sep 2007 | Ofsted |

Inspection of children's services: grade descriptors

Read the revised information on grade descriptors for the inspection of children's services.

01 Apr 2007 | HMI 70056 | HMI 070056 | Ofsted |

Local authority briefing sessions - questions and answers

Questions and answers from the Local authority briefing sessions on the Ofsted Childcare Register.

18 Jun 2007 | Ofsted |

Notification of serious childcare incident

This form is only for notifications from local authorities of serious childcare incidents as defined in Chapter 8 of Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010.

For notifications from regulated providers, please employ the appropriate form available from the Notification of events by regulated social care providers page.

01 Apr 2007 | HMI 070091 | Ofsted |

Planning and childcare

This is a working agreement between Ofsted and key organisations to work together to support the development of services for children's and families.

17 Jan 2007 | HMI 20070002 | Ofsted |