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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Man and woman talking in an office.

Man and woman talking in an office.

Man and woman talking in an office.

Partnership programmes

UK Trade & Investment run a number of partnership programmes aimed to help you work more effectively in your aims to find new partners and expand your business.

R&D Partnerships

R&D Partnerships, formerly known as the Global Partnerships Programme, is a fast, expert partner-matching service that helps innovative international organisations find exactly the right academic or commercial partner in the UK for research and development collaborations. Read more on R&D Partnerships.

Global Entrepreneur Programme

The aim of the Global Entrepreneur Programme is to create high profit sustainable global companies from pioneering start-ups. Our global networks offer huge investment opportunities by identifying the world’s brightest entrepreneurial talent. We connect these entrepreneurs with investors, management talent and strategic partners in the UK to turn their innovation into a global success. Visit the Global Entrepreneur Programme website.

Catalyst UK

Catalyst UK is a new global network of influential business leaders who are keen to promote the UK as a place to do international business. The network aims to encourage new connections between business, academia and government; helping British businesses develop their activities overseas and align international investors with opportunities in the UK. Read more on Catalyst UK.

UK Advisory Network (UKAN)

The UK Advisory Network is a UKTI service which signposts UK exporters and investors to specialist advice and practical benefits provided by third parties. UKAN membership includes well respected organisations in a number of sectors, eg British Airways and DHL. Read more on the UK Advisory Network.

UKTI and social networking

UKTI has a strong presence on LinkedIn, with a main group membership running into the thousands and subgroups for specific interests eg UKTI India, Overseas Tradeshows and Exhibitions. Our other social networking activities include very active Twitter and YouTube channels, and a blog. Use the icons at the bottom right of this page to connect with us

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