School inspection survey questions: maintained schools

Details of how to access the survey are provided by the Inspection Service Provider responsible for your inspection. However, you may be interested to see the range of questions/statements to respond to that appear on the schools inspection survey questionnaire. The responses choices are: strongly agree; agree; disagree; strongly agree; don't know.

  1. Overall, I am satisfied with the administration provided by the inspection service provider.
  2. The demands placed on me by the inspection were reasonable.
  3. The inspection team challenged constructively the judgements and evidence we provided in our self evaluation form.
  4. The lead inspector provided appropriate opportunities for the headteacher/senior staff to engage productively with the inspection team.
  5. Inspection judgements about the school are fair and accurate.
  6. The oral feedback and the written report were consistent.
  7. Overall, I am satisfied with the clarity of the inspection report.
  8. The inspection identified clear recommendations for improvement.
  9. I will use the inspection recommendations to move the school/my teaching forward.
  10. Which aspects of the work of the school are most likely to be improved as a result of the inspection? Identify no more than three.
  11. I am satisfied that the views of pupils were explored by inspectors.
  12. Overall, I am satisfied with the clarity of the letter to pupils.
  13. The benefits of the inspection outweigh the negative aspects.
  14. Overall, I am satisfied with the way the inspection was carried out.
  15. I am satisfied with the way the inspection of my school’s residential provision was carried out.*
  16. The inspectors were familiar with the relevant National Minimum Standards for my school.*
  17. The judgements of the residential provision are fair and accurate and will help us to move forward.*
  18. The benefits of inspecting education and boarding (welfare) at the same time outweigh the negatives.*

*for schools with boarding (welfare) only