The Excellence Gateway aims to become the portal of choice for practitioners at all levels within the further education and skills sector in England. It is therefore important for us to make clear our editorial policy and our responsibilities to both our readers and those featured in the news.

The Excellence Gateway is intended to be a sector-owned portal where learning providers can find out about developments and, importantly, about other parts of the sector, helping to instil in them a sense of being part of the sector. With this at the forefront, the Excellence Gateway News service publishes a wide range of articles that are of general interest to people working in the further education and skills sector in England. The aim is to generate and sustain user interest through the regular provision of topical and engaging stories. Key to this is the coverage of different viewpoints of individuals and/or groups in the sector. Whilst ensuring coverage from a wide pool of different sources, stories are in no way intended to spark controversy.

With quality improvement at the core of the Excellence Gateway, we aim to publish news stories that promote, inspire and support the sector in its drive towards self-improvement and self-regulation (as set out in the National Improvement Strategy and Framework for Excellence).

Types of news featured:

  • ‘Good practice' stories from across the sector to help support and inspire providers in their own quality improvement objectives/initiatives
  • New initiatives and public consultations launched by government departments and non-departmental government organisations, and relevant policy changes in further education and skills
  • Key conferences and events relevant to the sector taking place across England
  • New services, projects and initiatives launched by learning providers and relevant independent organisations/charities, and public bodies
  • Excellence Gateway highlights - alerts on any significant new pieces or areas of content that have been published on the Excellence Gateway (e.g. quality improvement programmes, good e-practice case studies, Excellence Gateway Television content, etc)

News aggregation and journalistic content

News articles published on the Excellence Gateway are sourced from a wide ranging pool of trusted sources (e.g. governmental departments/organisations, independent organisations/charities, awarding bodies, etc). Press releases are published on the Excellence Gateway after standard Excellence Gateway editorial checks against the Excellence Gateway Editorial Style Guide are carried out. This includes reviewing all content for appropriateness of tone, grammatical and factual accuracy, balance, layout and accessibility. Copy within press releases may be edited or removed altogether where it does not comply with our Editorial Policy.

News published on the Excellence Gateway does not constitute journalistic content. The vast majority of new stories are supplied via press releases and direct communication with organisations and learning providers. Only the articles under ‘Excellence Gateway highlights' are authored by the Excellence Gateway Editorial Team. There are instances when an article, or ‘think piece', is authored exclusively for the Excellence Gateway, in which case the author(s) of the article is indicated clearly for our readers.

  1. Political stance
    The Excellence Gateway is non-political and will not endorse any political party at any time.
  2. Religious viewpoints
    The Excellence Gateway respects the rights of people of all religions and none. We do not hold any bias in favour of one particular religious group or another.
  3. Inappropriate material
    The Excellence Gateway will not publish or knowingly link to ‘inappropriate material'. Inappropriate material is material that under the laws of any jurisdiction is or does any of the following: unlawful, vulgar, harassing, threatening, abusive, harmful, racist, sexist, obscene, pornographic, malicious, profane, libellous, defamatory, misleading, invasive of privacy, disclose private or personal matters concerning any person, sexually orientated, infringe any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, constitute or encourage a criminal offence, purport to be posted by someone other than the person posting, purport to be validated or authorised by someone when it has not been, contain a virus, worm, trojan horse or other harmful code or contaminating or destructive features. However, within the website you may find RSS feeds, links or references to third party materials and third party web sites outside the website. We have no editorial control over and accept no liability of any description in respect of the contents of such feeds, materials or websites. We should not be taken to be endorsing, publishing, permitting or authorising such feeds, websites or materials.
  4. Right of reply
    We offer an unreserved right of reply to all people referred to in news stories. In the event that we have made an error, these are corrected as soon as we are notified of mistakes.

If you believe that an article is in breach of any of the above, then you should immediately contact the news editor in the first instance by emailing The News Desk is unable to accept complaints via telephone. All complaints must be in writing. We will remove inappropriate or inaccurate comments/coverage as soon as possible and pledge to respond within one working day.

Advertising and endorsements

The Excellence Gateway will not promote or endorse any commercial products or services. We may refer to specific products, processes or services but such references are examples and are not endorsements or recommendations and should not be used for product endorsement purposes.